About Us

Riverlane is a quantum computing software company spun out of the University of Cambridge.

Our customers benefit from our global perspective of quantum computing and the advances in quantum software that make quantum solutions possible. The new algorithms we develop solve high-value problems in areas such as material sciences, drug discovery and machine learning. In collaboration with dividiti, we are building Quantum Collective Knowledge, a software platform for benchmarking quantum computers that allows our clients to understand how and when quantum computers will impact their company.

  • Benchmark

    We benchmark existing quantum software and hardware to pinpoint the state-of-the-art and forecast future developments.

  • Develop

    We develop application focused proprietary software for quantum computers.

  • Apply

    We help our customers apply quantum computing disruptively within their organisation and industry by shipping quantum software.

In collaboration with some of the world leaders in quantum computing:


Use our virtual quantum computer today

We use it to design new quantum algorithms and improve the classical software that runs alongside any quantum computer. A great example of this is the use of online, active learning techniques from machine learning that we used to reduce the quantum runtime of a key quantum chemistry algorithm.


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