Virtual Quantum Computer demo released
20 Mar 2018

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We have released a demo of our VirtualQC! Whereas the best general-purpose quantum simulators can only simulate up to around 50 qubits, our quantum emulator utilises the structure of quantum algorithms to allow up to 205 qubits to be emulated in under 0.2 seconds using our free online demo.

For example, you can use our VirtualQC today to emulate the output of 205-qubit quantum computer factoring a 30-digit number using Shor’s algorithm, or emulate an implementation of the quantum phase estimation algorithm being used for electronic structure calculations. We use VirtualQC to design new quantum algorithms and improve the classical software that runs alongside any quantum computer. A great example of this is the use of online, active learning techniques from machine learning that we used to reduce the quantum runtime of a key quantum chemistry algorithm. Try our online demo for free here!