Quantum Computing Conference announced

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We are pleased to announce Quantum Computing Theory in Practice a mayor international conference covering recent advances in quantum computing . Monday 8th April – Wednesday 10th April 2019 The past two years have seen rapid advances in building increasingly large-scale … Read More

Riverlane and Rigetti are Partnering

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Riverlane have joined forces with Rigetti – one of the world’s leading quantum computing companies. The partnership forms the result of Rigetti’s newly launched Quantum Cloud Services platform, designed to accelerate the pursuit of quantum advantage. Steve Brierley, CEO of … Read More

The Full Quantum Computing Stack

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The Full Quantum Computing Stack All classical computers on the planet, from desktop calculators to the most powerful supercomputers, operate under the same rules, those of classical physics. Quantum computers operate on fundamentally different rules and can solve certain problems … Read More

New paper on quantum algorithms

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There are many quantum algorithms that exhibit an advantage over known classical algorithms. Such a diversity of results can make it difficult to express the computational capability of a quantum computer in a clear and faithful manner to someone new … Read More

Emerging Trends

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From the invention of the transistor in 1947, technological progress in their design and manufacture has been exponential. The well-known Moore’s law observes that the number of transistors which can be squeezed onto a silicon chip doubles about every two … Read More

VQC Demo Released

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We have released a demo of our VirtualQC! Whereas the best general-purpose quantum simulators can only simulate up to around 50 qubits, our quantum emulator utilises the structure of quantum algorithms to allow up to 205 qubits to be emulated … Read More