Pushing quantum further

13 Jun 2019

Quantum computing software developer Riverlane secures £3.25m funding

Riverlane, Europe’s most advanced quantum computing software developer, has raised £3.25m in seed funding, led by venture capital investors Cambridge Innovation Capital and Amadeus Capital Partners, with the participation of Cambridge Enterprise.

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28 Feb 2019

Accelerating quantum chemistry

One of the most compelling uses of a quantum computer is to find approximate solutions to the Schrodinger equation. Such ab initio or first-principles calculations form an important part of the computational chemistry tool-kit and are used to understand features of large molecules such as the active site of an enzyme in a chemical reaction or are coupled with molecular mechanics to guide the design of better drugs.

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06 Feb 2019

Riverlane and dividiti join forces for quantum hackathon in Paris

Riverlane and dividiti recently had the exciting opportunity to co-organize the first Quantum Hackathon in France, with support from Quantonation and IBM.

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06 Nov 2018

Quantum Computing Conference announced

We are pleased to announce Quantum Computing Theory in Practice: a major international conference covering recent advances in quantum computing. Monday 8th April – Wednesday 10th April 2019.

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25 Sep 2018

First meeting for the Strategic Initiative in Quantum Software held at Riverlane

The first meeting to develop a Strategic Initiative in Quantum Software was held this Monday. Organised by Oxford NQIT, and convened at Riverlane in Cambridge, a range of parties interested in quantum software put forth a joint desire for a rich intermediate language.

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07 Sep 2018

Riverlane and Rigetti are Partnering

Riverlane have joined forces with Rigetti – one of the world’s leading quantum computing companies. The partnership forms as a result of Rigetti’s newly launched Quantum Cloud Services platform, designed to accelerate the pursuit of quantum advantage.

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21 Jun 2018

Western Europe’s first Quantum Computing Hackathon

We recently hosted our first quantum computing hackathon here in Cambridge, UK, where over 20 keen quantum programmers were given exclusive cloud access to Rigetti’s 8-qubit Agave quantum computer. We had participants with various backgrounds, ranging from secondary school students to PhD students and experienced professionals, most of whom had no prior experience programming quantum computers.

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18 Jun 2018

New paper on quantum algorithms

There are many quantum algorithms that exhibit an advantage over known classical algorithms. Such a diversity of results can make it difficult to express the computational capability of a quantum computer in a clear and faithful manner to someone new to quantum computing. In this recent paper, we address a large family of quantum algorithms that are often used as the main subroutine in many important applications.

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17 May 2018

Variational quantum computation of excited states

Our new paper shows how near-term quantum computers can be used to simulate excited states of molecules.

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20 Mar 2018

Virtual Quantum Computer demo released

We have released a demo of our VirtualQC! Whereas the best general-purpose quantum simulators can only simulate up to around 50 qubits, our quantum emulator utilises the structure of quantum algorithms to allow up to 205 qubits to be emulated in under 0.2 seconds using our free online demo.

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