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01 Feb 2018

New paper published

We have published a new paper describing a new quantum algorithm for chemistry calculations on a quantum computer. Our paper generalises an earlier hybrid quantum-classical algorithm named the Variational Quantum Eigensolver by modifying its quantum subroutine.

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30 Nov 2017

Innovate UK Grant

Riverlane has been awarded a competitive Innovate UK grant to develop Quantum Collective Knowledge in collaboration with dividiti. Quantum Collective Knowledge (QCK) is a product that enables businesses to be ready for the revolution in computing power offered by quantum computers.

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24 Apr 2017

Parliamentary office of science and technology note

Quantum technologies use the behaviour of matter and light that is normally only observed at very small scales. Steve contributed to a POSTnote introducing recent advances, applications, and UK initiatives to support their development and commercialisation, published today.

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